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"Learning the world in motion"
 First cross country skiing competitions were held in Norway in 1767. Finns ans Swedes were soon following Norwegians and later Central Europe. In the end of 19th - beginning of 20th century first ski clubs appeared in many countries. In 1924 the International Ski Federation (FIS) was established. In 2000 there were 98 national federations as members of the FIS.
More than 300 ski marathons are organized annually these days, from New Zealand to Alaska and from Japan to Greenland. Part of these races have joined under various umbrellas: Worldloppet, Euroloppet. Several countries have their national series: Russialoppet, Estoloppet, Swissloppet etc.
 Our aim is to bring together all known marathons, to open new horizons and opportunities for the participants. To create an open information pool to exchange experience and emotions. Being it a photo, video or written report, they all should help participants to share gathered information, help future participants to inspire for next challenges.
Classical running marathon is 42 km long. This is the minimum length in cross country skiing marathons, whereas distances 50-60-70-80-90 kilometers appeal to thousands of skiing enthusiasts.
 Dear ski friends, please add your reports from marathons and hotels! With your participation we will build this site more useful for all of us!
 Enjoy skiing and stay healthy!
 About the author:
Oleg Petrov is the Vice President of Saint Petersburg Cross Country Skiing Association. He has participated in more than 70 international ski marathons. He organizes two biggest ski marathons in Saint Petersburg - Hepojärvi and Nevski Classique.